James Turrell Inspiration

My work is more about your seeing than it is about my seeing, although it is a product of my seeing. I’m also interested in the sense of presence of space; that is space where you feel a presence, almost an entity — that physical feeling and power that space can give.
— James Turrell

Denise (our friend and talented stylist and collaborator) was the one who first introduced us to the James Turrell Skyspace at the De Young Musuem in San Francisco. We fell in love with the simple architecture and the use of negative space, and earthy colors. Every corner can be turned into a new composition and painting. It was the perfect place to photoshoot the circle interlock necklace, which also uses simple negative space to incorporate with what you are wearing.

Denise is also modeling the necklace in the photos, she is moving back to NYC next month and we already miss her!!

Chen BlumeComment